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Feedback from customers of "Personal Security" Ltd

With my wife we ​​were looking for a responsible company to engage in our peaceful and enjoyable family holiday in a famous night club in the capital, for which we had heard that there was a problem of customer's safety due to the large number of people - there was live music and famous artists, and it was very visited.

After a short search in the Internet, we came to the website of "Personal Security" Ltd. ( and decided to hire them and test their services for drivers and personal security. The evening passed awesome and there was a situation of a drunk customer who was quickly and tacitly warned not to continue his conflicting behavior and bestowed with best wishes, which we identified as a sign of culture and good education. We were very pleased with the team of two security guards and a driver who was driving our own car, and then his colleagues with another car provided by the company. We are grateful to the manager of Personal Security Ltd, Krasimir Sumerski, who was personally engaged with us as new clients of his company, and we will surely seek their services again.

Dr. Smilov Manager of Dental Clinic "Sofia Crown"

With the help of the employees of "Personal Security" Ltd. who for a month, 24 hours a day, were on duty in front of my restaurant, which was taken away by incorrect associates in order to impede my business, they managed to find a way to overcome the security that was assigned with the condition of not letting me into my company's premises and so I managed to regain ownership and control of the object. Subsequently, police and lawsuits were filed in which I was fully supported by their testimonies. I was granted security and realized that I can count on their help in the future.

I would like to express my gratitude to the manager of "Personal Security" Ltd. Krassimir Sumerski and of course to his responsible employees.

From the manager of "AS OPTIMUS" LTD owner of "BAGETI" bakery and restaurant "Mahaloto" in Sofia - Assen Alexandrov Nikolov.

In a joint business project with the manager of a luxury hotel in Ivailovgrad I had invested time, money and property both in the hotel and in a hairdressing salon. After a disagreement in the vision of the hotel's development I was forced to withdraw from the business and leave the equipment and the money invested without being given the right to reclaim them, while not allowing me to enter it and various threats toward me and my family. With the help of the staff of "Personal Security" LTD, who responded immediately to my request and came right away in the town of Ivailovgrad, I entered the hotel together with a team of three bodyguards. I was able to get access to expensive hairdressing equipment and took it back and also to file complaints to the police office about property appropriation and psychological harassment by the hotel manager for which I was fully supported by their testimonies, without being left unsecure even for a moment.

I would like to express my gratitude to the manager of "Personal Security" Ltd. Krassimir Sumerski and of course to his responsible employees.

From Katya Rose - Mrs Bulgaria 2011, Mrs Europe 2012 and Business Lady Charity 2013.

During my regular visits to our sports club "Steel Fitness", I met Krassimir Sumerski, who was coming to train and also to conduct fitness exercises for children and adolescents. I left with very good impressions of his perseverance and determination to achieve higher results, as well as of his training system for children, including body and spine strengthening exercises and their introduction into the world of martial arts with self-defense techniques. From the perspective of my observations and experience, I can say that he is doing very well in sports, has the necessary skills, qualities and approach to children, he is able to maintain their concentration during the training so that they can build on top of the achieved results.

Nikola Prisov - Manager and Senior Instructor at “Steel Fitness”

Once I decided to use the services of Personal Security Ltd. and in particular "Nightlife" as I would go out with my younger sister at the bars in Sofia. I was not sure how the evening will pass and I was a bit afraid because we are Muslims and we don't know how it would turn out to have fun in an unfamiliar environment. The driver was doing very quietly and professionally, and the service car had all the extras: air conditioning, electric seats and of course good music. With the guard of Personal Security Ltd, who accompanied us everywhere, we felt secure as he stood nearby but discreetly and in no way revealed that he was a security guard, we liked it because it did not hinder anything of the fun we had, I was relaxed for my sister when she was going to the toilets in the crowded bar because she was always accompanied by the guard. Immediately after completing the pleasant evening, I wanted to subscribe to the "Nightlife" service and I made an annual subscription half of it I have already used, and I am very pleased and grateful that I can always rely on accuracy, discretion and first class service for me and my loved ones within the day with Personal Security Ltd.

I would like to express my gratitude to the manager of "Personal Security" Ltd. Krassimir Sumerski and of course to his responsible officers.

From Enran Uddan, a citizen of Bangladesh, and a student living and developing a family business with imported goods in Bulgaria.