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New! "10 days with armed driver"

Armed driver with a second function bodyguard. Duration of the service 10 days, 8 hours per day - price 1500 BGN

New! "City tour with escort"

City tour with escort - for work or fun; For children and adults. Duration of the service is 3 hours, include car and attendant - 50 BGN.

Which services we offer

  • Professional armed life-guard of persons
  • To meet and convey guests from our and foreign countries
  • To escort persons, consignments and loads
  • Guard of private parties and business events
  • Consultations and detective services
  • Help in case of domestic violence: We offer immediate cooperation to ensure protection. Escort and consultation for initiation of legal actions against the abuser. Providing qualified legal protection. Provision of protected residence.
  • Entry into possession: Assistance for termination of relationships with incorrect tenants. Assistance to enter property, bringing out of people and belongings that are illegally in the property. Provision of guard and lawyer.
  • Professional drivers
  • Training and ensuring of the professional guards
  • Assembling of guard-systems and video-observation systems. Ensure external perimeter, SOT, security barriers and roller blinds.
  • Organizing stays in the country, cities, resorts, hotels, restaurants, night clubs
  • Organizing guards course
  • Tracing of debtors, legal advice.
  • Drink and drive and armed guard.
  • Children school escort.

We could deliver to you our services in 24 hour for the country and Sofia city!



    One armed bodyguard and driver for one going out - 4 hours / 300 BGN

    The service includes a subscription for:

    1. 4 goings out in a month - 1090 BGN
    2. 20 goings out within one year - 4600 BGN

    The service includes fuel, car, driver and one armed bodyguard. Activation of the service on the day of the request.

    Each subscriber uses + 1 hour additional time of escort and 15% discount on the prices of all the other services we offer!

    Request for URGENT REACTION only for Sofia, the service price is doubled.

  • One bodyguard for 4 hours: price 150 BGN
  • One bodyguard for 8 hours: price 170 BGN
  • Two bodyguards for 8 hours: price 300 BGN
  • Professional drivers: 10 BGN an hour, with a fee from 25 BGN that includes first hour and the way back to an address
  • Provision of permanent personal security: selected personnel, keeping records, signing a security contract. Price for one month - 2 drivers + 3 armed bodyguards 10 900 BGN

There is 50 BGN fee for every hour overtime.

  • Escort to a single address - 28 BGN
  • City tour with escort - 50 BGN for 3 hours
  • Pick up from the airport with our car and delivery to the address - price 55 BGN.

The prices are valid for city of Sofia, for other cities pricees are double but includes: accommodation, food, working overtime, travel expenses and service car. If you pay at least 2 or more days in advance for services provided by us, you have 15% discount. Prices can be discussed depending on the service, workload and number of the people you need to hire!