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Welcome to our company web site !

The firm „Personal Security“ has a license for protection activity and offers the desicions for all problems of the security. We have a team of proffesionals who has an experience in martial arts, shooting and avirting situations which threaten the life. Our skills in the area of body-guard will make you feel safe and calm. We have modern equipment including radio stations, safety vests, luxury and reliable cars.

We could deliver to you our services in 24 hour for the country and Sofia city!

What we do ?

We have been bodyguards more then ten years. We are specialists in personal life-guard , consultations and detective services, ensuring information, finding and observing persons. We guarantee a discretion, comfort and convenience.

Services we offer

We offer proffesional armed guard of persons, guard of private parties and business events. We meet and convey guests from our and foreign contries, we ensure an escort for persons, consigments and loads.

We work with clients from Europe after a contract prepared in advance and signed by both parties (client and contractor) and paid at least 50% in advance.

Partners and corporative clients

AMR&Partner Holding AB - provides security of the outer perimeter, through careful monitoring of suspicious persons and objects in the area where the event will take place.

Solace Global Risk Limited UK - Provides a safe stay in the country. Welcoming, accompanying and protecting important customers of the company in order to stay safe during a business event.

Media appearance

Mr. Sumerski's interview on TV+. When we withdraw big amounts of money from the bank we should care about our security first.

Who are our friends?

Sergei Badyuk was born on July 3, 1970 in Ukraine in the family of an English teacher and officer in that days militia. Today it is one of the most popular and famous actors in Russia and Ukraine ,who was filmed mostly in native productions and TV series, among them the iconic "Brigade". For last 23 years he has been working as an instructor in the GRU spetsnaz, also he has worked as a serviceman in the Soviet KGB - FSB Russia. He has two sons.